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Overview. StoneGate's One Day MBA program was designed for two primary missions. The first is to boost the likelihood of success for business managers, especially those with no formal business education, by quickly expanding their business understanding, management skills, and decision-making process. The second is to pro-vide professionals who serve business clients (attorneys, consultants, IT mgrs., me-dia reps., etc.) with a broad understanding of their clients’ problems, issues, objectives, and business processes so they can better anticipate their clients’ needs and serve them more effectively. For a video preview of the One Day MBA Program, Click Here.

Audience Profile. The Program was designed, primarily, for two groups. The first consists of entrepreneur/managers – especially those with highly specialized or no formal business education. The goal is to improve their business planning and One-Day MBAdecision-making capabilities and their success rate. The second group consists of professionals who serve business clients. For them, the Program is designed to provide a better understanding of their clients’ perspective, allowing them to better anticipate their clients’ needs.

Scope. In a single, intense but enjoyable, day, the Program covers eight, core, business school disciplines taught in a typical MBA program: economics, business accounting, business law and tax, business finance, production and delivery of goods, production and delivery of services, marketing, and overall management. While cov-ering traditional theory, the focus is on application. There may also be expert lunch speakers with brief presentations on related subjects. For a video preview of the One Day MBA Program, Click Here.

Orientation. StoneGate’s One Day MBA Program is a “business boot camp” – based on decades of on-the-ground experience applying important business school concepts in dozens of businesses. You’ll learn how primary business principles are put into real, every day, use by top CEOs and management teams and how they interrelate in the overall management of an enterprise. And, while you’ll learn business vocabulary, we explain things in plain English. It’s knowledge you can use immediately.

Vision. Our vision is to enhance the success rate of companies managed or advised by Program attendees to make a leveraged contribution to economic and employment growth. To learn more, click to read author’s blog.

Availability. StoneGate’s One Day MBA Program is presently available for presentation to members of business and professional firms, members of professional organ-izations, schools, and advisees of government sponsored or non-profit agencies providing or promoting business and entrepreneurship education. The Program is occasionally presented to the general public. For registration information, Click Here. Please contact us for more information.